Carroll Engineering Company
About Us

Carroll Engineering has been servicing the mining industry in North America for over 30 years. From its early history in the coalfields of West Virginia, Carroll Engineering has expanded to become the largest and best electronic services group in the U.S.A. providing over 800 mines with advanced technology communications, employee and equipment tracking systems, safety monitoring systems, and a broad range of other safety equipment.  

Today Carroll Engineering services the needs of mining companies in partnership with its sister company Delta Electric with a network of 13 distribution centers and Miner Care™ support offices strategically located in coal country across the USA. 

Here’s a quick look at our business focal points in the Mining industry

  • Miner safety solutions include tracking and tagging systems which not only locate miners and save lives if disaster strikes but give you day-to-day value by increasing miner productivity and reducing overhead expenses.
  • Communications solutions give mining companies seamless wireless radio communications which links people on the surface with those underground so that everyone’s in touch all the time—a critical need when seconds matter.
  • Custom-built monitoring solutions provide mining companies the most advanced systems to detect dangerous build-ups of smoke and explosive gases as well as monitoring systems to insure optimal performance.  
  • Circuit-breaker and electrical/electronic products meet all of a mining company’s electrical requirements.

Carroll Engineering serves customers who operate 24/7. That’s why we drive our team to be on the spot with the right products at the right time, backed by MinerCare 24/7™ support.

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